Thursday, 24 March 2011

Maintenance free Artificial grass on graves

Artificial Grass in Ireland.

Class Grass(Ireland)Ltd

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We have got a great reaction to the designs we have created to our unique idea of covering graves with artificial grass. People are amazed at how real the grass looks. We designed our own grass last year and after several samples being produced we are very happy as are our customers with the results to date. We are spreading our wings at the moment and we now have locations in Mayo Donegal and Waterford. Yesterday i fitted a piece of grass 18 inches square which was the smallest order to date (guess what no charge) but to be fair it was fitted in the diamond in the center of a grave and that small piece of grass done an amazing job giving the grave a little lift that it needed.  The great thing about the graves are the are pretty much maintenance free, looks warm and natural not graveyard appearence and all in all stands out better than the graves around it.

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  1. I would like to commend your Company on its efficiency and good service.
    I place my third order with you yesterday at approx. 10.30 am and the artificial grass carpet arrived about 10 am this morning !!!
    seattle synthetic grass